Women Inspired: Supporting Entrepreneurship (WISE)

The WISE Learning and Community Platform supports women entrepreneurs develop their skills in digital marketing and e-commerce through online training so women can grow their SME businesses and open up new markets and prosper in a global economy. It encourages women entrepreneurs to network and inspire other women to set up a business.

The WISE Learning and Community Platform evolved as a result of an Erasmus+ project which brought together partners from 5 different regions of Europe who identified women entrepreneurs as the specific target group requiring support.

Women entrepreneurs tend to work alone, their businesses are generally small and their working hours are flexible to fit around family commitments. Over time they lack digital marketing and e-commerce skills to expand their business and require the learning opportunity to develop an online presence.

The need for digital marketing and e-commerce skills became even more important as a result of the negative impact of COVID19 on the economy and how the pandemic increased the use of e-commerce for buying and selling. Women entrepreneurs therefore need to build a strong online digital marketing and e-commerce strategy to engage with consumers and increase revenue by expanding their business beyond their local area.

The WISE learning and Community Platform aims to support the skills of women entrepreneurs through KNOWLEDGE, TOOLS, AND COMMUNITY.


A free online learning course on digital marketing and e-commerce

  • The course includes a series of modules to develop the knowledge and skills of women entrepreneurs to create an online identity for their businesses.
  • The course content is tailored to both the beginner and the more experienced to develop new and advance existing skills as a self-paced course.


A Digital Toolbox and Online Handbook of Good Practice Examples

  • An ‘ideas bank’ with practical tutorials outlining the digital tools, services, and frameworks used by women entrepreneurs. These can be used to address the needs of women starting a new business, transforming an existing business to meet new digital requirements, and expanding their business activities.
  • A set of best practice examples and video testimonials of women entrepreneurs who use digital marketing and e-commerce to promote their business online to inspire and encourage other women to use these tools in their business.


A Woman Entrepreneurs LEARNING and COMMUNITY Platform

  • To bring together the online learning course, digital toolbox and handbook of good practice examples to share knowledge and develop the skills of women entrepreneurs.
  • To create a place for cooperation, exchange of ideas, and opinions for women entrepreneurs during the project and beyond to enable women to continually learn, share, and inspire each other.


  • The Rural Centre (Great Britain)
  • CPIP- Comunitatea Pentru Invatarea Permanenta (Romania)
  • Growth Coop (Spain)
  • Actuado d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Linking Foundation (Poland)

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