The Portal will bring together:

  • the online learning course (KNOWLEDGE) and …
  • digital toolbox and Handbook of good practice (TOOLS) …
  • to share knowledge and tools to develop the skills of women entrepreneurs.

It will be a place for:

  • cooperation,
  • exchange of ideas and opinions for women entrepreneurs during the project and beyond,
  • continuing learning, sharing, and inspiring each other,
  • presenting the ongoing work of the project to target groups,
  • gathering the feedback and pre-evaluating the practical usefulness of the project.


Creating an ecosystem for:

  • learning,
  • knowledge sharing,
  • development and communicating
    • during the project and
    • after its completion.

During the project the Portal will be used to:

  • collect in one place all the materials needed for running the project,
  • create a place and tools for cooperation, exchange of ideas and opinions for project participants,
  • present the partial results of project work to target groups (women/entrepreneurs),
  • gather feedback and pre-evaluate the practical usefulness.

After the completion of the project the Portal will:

  • be used to disseminate the project results,
  • work as an effective tool, knowledge, and good practice base for other organizations,
  • share experiences from using the developed tools in practice and creating new ones,
  • be a place where women entrepreneurs will find information about the possibilities of obtaining help in digital education.