Online learning course on digital marketing and e-commerce 


A series of online learning course modules:

  • to develop the knowledge and skills of women entrepreneurs
  • to create an online identity for their business.

Tailored to both:

  • the beginner and
  • the more experienced

The content will be driven by both:

  • experts
  • learners

To develop:

  • new skills and
  • advance existing skills
  • as a self-paced digital course
  • free to use


  • Building an effective online presence is critical for women entrepreneurs running small/family businesses to provide access to thousands of local, national, or international clients and customers who are seeking goods and services, interacting, sharing, and shopping online.


  • The course will teach women entrepreneurs how to get their business up and running online using e-commerce sites, review sites, social networks, and marketing automation to gain the most crucial knowledge and skills for online visibility.
  • The course will be very practical and based on success stories from women entrepreneurs in various countries.
  • The women entrepreneur will learn how to build a business strategy, how to benefit from networking, market research, e-commerce, unique content creation, etc., and how to use new digital marketing tools.
  • The most important aspect is that it will all happen in a learning community of women entrepreneurs.