Entrepreneurship is a trait of every woman, and women entrepreneurs, that’s for sure!

Today, at the Biskupice Commune Office, Wieliczka Powiat, a meeting was held with women representing local businesses in the area, which aimed to present the WISE project and the digital marketing course platform.

In a relaxed atmosphere, combined with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we talked about barriers related to launching the development of local women’s businesses and the possibilities of defeating them, and the needs of entrepreneurs related to business promotion.

An important element of the meeting was the part concerning questions and answers, which indicated the possibilities of further development of the platform in the field of:

1. topics related to starting a business (what type of company, what taxation, etc.),

2. topics related to marketing management (how to write a marketing plan, organize & marketing projects),

3. platforms as places to promote women’s business.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the authorities, Mrs. Renata Gawlik, Mayor of the Biskupice Commune, and Mrs. Kinga Dąbrowska, Councilor of the Commune.

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